Business Philosophy: Paying it Forward


This is more of a back story than a mission statement per se. But we wanted to share with you a little about our business philosophy.

Right out of college, Charlie interned in New York City at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsability that called on companies to be responsible in their treatment of workers, respectful towards the environment and transparent with their customers.

North Shore Embroidery

North Shore Embroidery, as our name suggests, was born on the North Shore of O’ahu in 2011. All of our embroidery work is done in house. In fact, we started in a 200-foot-studio, and now have a modest show room full of industrial machines.

We pride ourselves on prompt & honest customer service. We enjoy working within the North Shore Community and are part of several non-profit organizations island-wide. Read more about our business philosophy of “Pay it Forward.”

About Us

Owner & Founder Washington Teixeira was named after Brazil’s president of the 1920s. He helped run a family-owned, embroidery business for 12+ years in the state of São Paulo before moving to the North Shore of O’ahu in 2008. He also enjoys organizing body boarding competitions and surfing.

Co-Owner (Mrs.) Charlie Teixeira began working with North Shore Embroidery in 2010.Korean by birth, Charlie has a background in graphic design and in teaching history, & heads up the organizational side of the business. She also is the co-founder of Adoption-Identity-Culture, a mentorship group for adoptees.

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